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About Us 
Growing up, soccer has always been a part of my life. Everyday we would take a ball and go on the streets to play. It was the best part of my childhood and I wanted to revive this part of me when I became an assistant coach. It made me want to start my own line of work with the youth of this generation. I plan to help shine light on how people view soccer in this country compared to other countries. I want them to value soccer the same way they value basketball and football.
Our Mission 
Generation Soccer Club (GSC) has been open since July 7, 2023. We are a new upcoming team of 4-6 players. We focus on building basic soccer skills through the drills we conduct at the start of the training. Through these drills the youth are slowly learning the principles and the discipline of the sport. We help the youth build their awareness about the sport and how to accomplish their goals whether it is for fun or to become a professional. Our goal is to help them be the best player possible.